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Royal Insurance is proud to offer a wide range of auto insurance options. Auto insurance is required by law for any vehicle operating on public roadways and highways. More than that though, Auto Insurance is a vital protection for yourself, your car & your loved ones and passengers. Driving your car while uninsured can result in a hefty fine. In the case of an accident without insurance things can be even worse. In a scenario where you’re at fault in an accident your insurance can protect you by providing for repairs to the vehicle you’ve damaged, medical expenses for those involved, and more. Even in a single vehicle accident where the only damage was to yourself or your own automobile, medical expenses and repair costs can be covered by your policy.

Types of Auto Coverage…

Auto Coverage comes in a variety of flavors. Knowing what you need by law, from state to state, is something your Royal Insurance broker can help you with. Below you’ll find some details relating to the 5 main types of Auto Insurance coverage.

1. Auto Collision Coverage
Collision coverage protects the value of your car in case of an accident. If a covered accident takes place, collision coverage ensures your costs to repair the vehicle are covered. If the vehicle is totalled and the value of the repair work exceeds the value of the car, the policy will pay out the value of the car. If your car is older or in poor shape, you may choose to do without collision coverage. In case of an accident, you’d be responsible for any repairs or replacements yourself.

2. Comprehensive Auto Coverage
Comprehensive coverage protects you by providing insurance against other types of damage to your vehicle, unrelated to an auto accident. Coverage of this type would protect in cases of weather damages. A severe hailstorm for instance could do thousands of dollars in damage to your automobile. Comprehensive coverage also protects you in cases of vehicle theft.

3. Liability Auto Coverage
If you find yourself at fault in an auto accident, Liability insurance will cover the costs associated with repairing or replacing property belonging to the other party. It also covers medical costs the other party incurs in the accident.

4. Personal Injury Coverage
Personal injury insurance will help cover the medical costs associated with an accident. This coverage protects you, as well as passengers in your vehicle, regardless of who is at fault. The medical costs associated with recovering after an auto accident can be very, very high. Having personal injury coverage is an excellent way to protect yourself.

5.Under-insured/Uninsured Coverage
Uninsured or under-insured insurance coverage is designed to protect you in case you’re involved with a driver who has either no insurance at all, or too little coverage to pay you in the event they’re at fault in the accident. While most drivers have proper coverage, there are drivers out there who don’t.

Wide Selection of Carriers

Royal insurance works with a wide variety of carriers to provide you with the very best rates and options. Our years of experience and expertise mean we can deliver the best possible Auto Insurance policy for your personal situation. Don’t make the mistake of driving without insurance. It’s simply not worth the risk.

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