Don't Buy Gifts this Holiday Season

Don't buy gifts this holiday season, but focus on making memories . When I think about my favorite Christmas it wasn't because I received the best gifts, it was because my family was all together. Many times Christmas and the holidays become all about the hustle and frenzy of the season. Even for those of us who are more frugal than others, we become too focused on getting the best deals and stretching our dollar. Black Friday for example can be a horrendous sight, people pushing each other in order to get into a local Walmart. Waiting days in line in order to get a great deal. Those deals are great in all, but can they make up for lost time with your family members. My best holiday memory was when my family was all together, and we celebrated Christmas a little differently one year

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Over Christmas break many years ago the 5 of us; my mom, dad, two sisters, and me all piled into our family truck. Three kids crammed on the truck bench in the back of the cab, and two parents in the front. The presents and luggage we're tied down in the bed of the truck with a blue tarp to protect everything from the weather. Off we went on a 12 hour trip to eastern Oregon. My family has a small house (900 square feet) on twenty acres. The road trip was long and tiring with everyone crammed in that small space, but that Christmas would be a time to remember.

Since we we're away from home, we didn't bring all our ornaments and Christmas decorations, so we had to create our own Charlie Brown Christmas. The family went out and got a forest permit to cut down a live tree. We all hiked in the snow to find the perfect tree, we hiked around, got a little lost in the forest, but eventually found a great Christmas tree. Once we got the tree inside the house we put lights around it, and worked on putting popcorn and cranberries on a string. We sang Christmas songs will we worked on the tree, watched Christmas movies, played games together, and just enjoyed being with each other. This Christmas was about being together as a family, it wasn't about gifts or getting the best deals and that is why I think it is most memorable for me. Our lives became more simple in that little house, we forgot about the shopping malls, what our friends got for Christmas, and focused on the 5 people around us.

I encourage you to take advantage of your time with your family this year. If you are with a family member you have not seen in awhile, take the time to have a long conversation over a pot of coffee. Play games together, laugh until you cry, and be content with each others company. You never know when you will see that person again, or if your family will get the opportunity to spend time together again. Be apart of the holiday season by putting up Christmas lights all over the house as a family. Go out and buy your tree together, and share a meal together. Invite your family to go out and serve the community by giving back at a soup kitchen. Donate money to an organization or raise money for a good cause. Spread the holiday spirit wherever you go, but do it as a family. If you don't have a family then do it with your friends. I am not asking people to revolt against consumerism or the economy, but I am asking you to focus on those people around you who are more important than stocking stuffers, Christmas lights, and Santa Claus. Make your Christmas and holiday season less about spending money and buying gifts, but more about spending quality time with family and close friends.

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