Going through a move?

I wanted to share a few ideas that might help in your transition. For one, if you have some time and a nice sized budget moving is obviously a lot less stressful. You can get packers to help, someone else is doing the heavy lifting etc You get in your car and drive to your new destination where the packers un-pack, you assist in placementagain someone else doing the heavy lifting. Let me say this is a "Real Treat". This would be the perfect scenario for every move, and every home owner, but it does not always work out so sweetly.

I learned a few nice cost saving techniques through the years. I used to go buy boxes and of course those expensive boxes we're on the curb stacked neatly to be picked up by a trash truck, along with my money invested. I wised up! I now go to Home Depot, Loews, and other big box stores to gather the Moving Boxes that many have discarded. I only buy the real specialty boxes that are necessary,maybe for some China or some keepsakes. There are a few Box Companies that will sell to you very inexpensively, some of the boxes are used, but the savings is worth it!

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I start weeks in advance pacing myself as to not get overwhelmed. I start with the rooms and the items I like the least, this way the day or so before, I am not dealing with the heavy stuff, and also with the items I least enjoy Pots, Pans, Serving Ware, all those baking dishes, and trinkets. I box everything up that I do NOT have to have in order to survive for a few weeks. I cannot express how this helps the process along.

Cross Town Moves .not so bad, you can take your breakables and the pieces you treasure yourself, and keep them safely out of the hands of movers. For art work, I use the card board boxes, large ones, and stack the paintings, art work and mirrors one by one with a thick piece of cardboard between. I have not broken one piece this way in all my moves. You can take clothes, and shoes (again my least favorite items) separately. Let the movers handle just the big stuff, this saves on time and money. I negotiate my price for the movers, I do not allow them to charge me for tape, packing papers, mattress pads or anything else. I handle all that to save time and money.

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