I am in a very black & white phase lately.

I am in a very black & white phase lately, maybe with a little touch of rose gold as well. So it is not shocking that my pins have been mostly black and white this week. If you have been reading my blog lately you will know I am obsessed with geometric shapes, as soon as I saw this diamond vase I knew I had to pin it along with this beautiful marble side table!

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I have re-decorated lately and my desk is dark brown/black so I have gone for a white-ish shade on my walls. ( I say white-ish because my other half, flat out refused to have plain white!) So I am looking for some desk accessory inspiration which is why I have pinned that gorgeous calender from Coco Lapine and the other home office pin.

Floral's had to be a part of this board (almost most boards in fact). Then we have a cosy looking dark grey jumper for a little winter style and an inspiring black and white illustration, this would be perfect to hang on the wall above my desk!

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