How You Can Make Scrumptious Espresso...

...Today With The Super-Automatic Delonghi Espresso Machine ESAM3300 Magnifica !

The perfect marriage of innovative technology and elegance, the DeLonghi espresso machine Magnifica is all you need to make delicious espressos, lattes, cappuccinos or any other coffeehouse drink, all in the comfort of your own home. Its smoked silver ABS housing, with stainless steel accents, lends a contemporary look to your countertop. The impressive ESAM offers two new features. The dual, stainless steel boilers, which is a feature not often found in many home super-automatic espresso makers, allow you to have one boiler for brewing and a separate one for steaming. This means no wait time, when going from brewing to steaming, making this machine an excellent one for entertaining guests and ideal for one who doesn't like to wait, when going about the morning coffee routine.

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The other new upgrade is a professional grade, quieter, conical burr coffee grinder. Its seven fineness settings can be changed, by simply lifting the door of the seven-ounce bean hopper and turning the knob. The grinder has a nice low pitch because; let's face it, who wants to listen to a high-pitched grinder first thing in the morning? You can also use ground coffee with this fantastic machine, too. The ESAM is very simple to use. Just supply the maker with beans and water, then select single or double shot and just sit back and relax. The Magnifica will grind, tamp, brew and dispose of the waste grinds and is then ready for its next command.

The DeLonghi espresso machine Magnifica incorporates a wonderfully compact, internal brewing unitactually the smallest one on the market today. This distributes the heat perfectly, making for a superb espresso at just the right temperature every time. The awesome Magnificas instant reheat function heats it's core, keeping the machine at an ideal temperature between cups of espresso. The brew group is removable, so it's a snap to clean. Its internal dump box and drip tray are also removable for ease of cleaning. There is even an automatic decalcification indicator light to let you know when it is time to decalcify the machine.

To master the art of frothing milk, can take time and practice, but this DeLonghi espresso machine wanted to make it easy for you, with it's patented cappuccino system frother. It will rotate 180 degrees, to accommodate a milk container of any size. The frothing wand works quickly to provide creamy frothed and steamed milk, for yummy cappuccinos and lattes. The sensational Magnificas coffee spout is also adjustable, to allow for many cup sizes, from espresso cups to tall mugs.

There are many other great features on the outstanding ESAM3300, such as a large, 60-ounce, removable water tank, with a water level indicator; a powerful, 15-bar pressure pump; a cup warming surface; a pre-ground coffee bypass doser; a two-step, pre-infusion system, ensuring that you get the most flavor from your beans; an electronic steam and coffee thermostat; a safety-first, three-hour automatic shut-off and a hot water spout for making hot chocolate, tea or even hot instant soup. The remarkable DeLonghi espresso machine ESAM3300 Magnifica offers exceptional performance, plus many user-friendly features, designed with the coffee connoisseur in mind, making this incredible machine a must-have for any home!

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