How Do You Balance Work and Family Life?

When you work from home, learning to balance your work and family is not easy but it's definitely possible and worth achieving. The goal is not perfection, but doing well in both can be accomplished.

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Two of my kids are in school which is my prime time to sit down and get to work. However, I have this adorable little two year old that is home with me all day. I've been determined to work from home so I could be with my kids and not have to rely on daycare, and I've been able to, which is a great blessing.

Here are five things I have found to be really helpful to balance work and family:

1) Allow children to be independent and creative you don't have to be in charge of everything! Its ok for them to play on their own, the stories and songs that I hear from my son are fantastic. Colouring projects, toys and games and a movie once in a while will keep their interest.

2) For toddlers, definitely use nap time for some quiet time to really focus on your business, particularly phone calls. If your child is to be at their best, it's healthy for them to have a routine nap each day, and you need to make sure they happen.

3) Don't be distracted by busy work that doesn't enhance your income, checking emails and updating your Facebook status all day doesn't grow your business. Since you have limited time for your business, it's essential to be laser focused on money producing activities.

4) Make a list of the things you need to tackle each day to keep moving your business forward. If you don't have a focused list with deadlines, it is too easy to go catch up on laundry.

5) Use extreme hours if necessary, working early in the morning or late at night might be right for you. I get up at 4am to fit in exercise, reading and a little work before the kids get up. I go to bed earlier instead of watching tv my future is worth it.

Its important to be realistic about what you expect your day to look like. In order to balance your work and family, you need a little self-discipline to stay on task. It won't be the same as someone who does not have little ones at home. These times are precious, when our children are little, and it's important to know that everything has it's season. Be flexible! When you have passion for what you do and take action each day, you will see results!

To help balance your work and family life, be sure to put these principles into action!

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