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To properly protect your rental property investment, you’re going to need more than simple homeowner’s insurance. Rental properties come with a different set of considerations than your average home. If your rental property is going to be rented regularly you’re going to need a proper landlord insurance policy to protect your property. If your rental property is currently mortgaged, your lender is likely to insist upon comprehensive coverage. Your property needs to be insured for it’s full replacement value should is suffer extensive damages or is destroyed completely.

What is Landlord / Dwelling Insurance?

Landlord Insurance, or Occupied Dwelling Insurance differs from standard homeowner’s insurance in a few important ways. If you own a rental property, separate from your main home, your insurance requirements are different. Landlord insurance is typically less comprehensive than standard homeowner’s insurance. It extends to the structure of the rental property and attached structures. Unattached structures are typically not covered. This would include things like unattached sheds, garages our guest houses. These would require their own separate policy.

Contents are not generally covered by a policy of this type. If a disaster occurs, your tenants are responsible for their possessions. Renters or tenants should have renter’s insurance to cover these costs.

This type of insurance is useful for rental properties but can also be applied to any dwelling you own that doesn’t require comprehensive coverage. A vacation property for instance. Policies of this type generally have protection against a standard set of perils such as fire, smoke damage, explosion, etc. You can work with your insurance broker to add other types of coverage to the policy as you see fit. In the case of a claim against a Landlord insurance policy, the cost of rebuilding the structure or repairing it will be paid out. Contents lost during the incident are the responsibility of the tenants and will not be covered.

Royal Insurance Landlord Insurance

Royal Insurance can offer comprehensive landlord insurance at a great price. We have years of experience insuring rental property owners and we know the ins and outs. We can ensure you have exactly the coverage you need for your landlord/rental property situations. Royal insurance works with a wide variety of carriers. This gives us options when it comes to finding you the best possible policy, rate and options.

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